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Thursday, November 28th, 2002

Time:5:46 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Once I've gotten back on track with my live journal, i've become so lazy. Bahhhh!!
turkey day!!!! sep my mom isn't making turkey this year, she's decided to make chicken
oh well . My sister has been such a bitch lately. I wish i could kick her in her vagina.
maybe later
everyone's downstairs watching movies like a bonding family Not me! nope i don't like to bond
it's boring. i want to go somewhere. maybe there'll be alcohol at that concert on Saturday.
i'll try to write more often.
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Sunday, November 10th, 2002

Time:4:19 pm.
Mood: curious.
i'm back!!! man i just realized how long it's been since i've written in my journal.
anna's going to be happy i'm writing again, cuz she asked me why i haven't written.
no reason really, just never membered :) what a long weekend.

No school >> went to chinese buffet with noemi, chayito ( me sister), tito, and betty, i ate a lot cuz i love chinese, plus i hadn't eaten the whole day and it was like 2:30. yummy chinese food!!! then i dropped off noemi at her house and we were supposed to go to the movies that night but my sister got my mommy a little angry and it got too late, so i just watched tv.

woke up early cuz i was going to chayitos soccer game ( i really wanted to go cuz this girl from my school was playing and we have spanish together) At the game my sisters friend came and stood with me and my little sister, he was taking pictures of my sis and the chick. i told him if he could send them to me so i can show her. Then after that we went to eat at this place called FLASH TACO
mmm i ate a chicken taco it was good. then we went home and my dad was cleaning the yard and he bought a leaf blower and i was having fun with it. i blew air at my sisters face and her cheeks got big, it was funny, then my dad told me to take my little brother to mcdonald's to buy him a happy meal. and after that my sis, me and my brother went to my grammy's house but she wasn't there. so we left and on the way back to the car we saw this guy sleeping in his car and he looked like he was dead, so i told my sis to push the horn and she did and the guy didn't even budge, i hope he's ok. so then after that we picked up my little sis and went all the way down town to pick up my mom and then we were supposed to go to the movies but my sis was going to a party and i still wanted to go to the movies but i didn't know who to go with cuz noemi went to Tennessee. :( so then i thought i could go with anna, but i don't have her phone number so then i stayed up watching tv and when my sis got home she was a little irritated cuz the place they were supposed to go to was full. hahahaha

washed my stinky clothes and went out to eat with my family, that was fun cuz me and my mom picked out music from this jute box and my dad got burned by this really got chile he ate but he still said it was good. he's silly. so then after that we went to an old movie rental place , but didn't get any movies cuz we don't have a membership card

so i'm here now writing again, everyone's at my little sisters basketball game BORING
maybe i'll write later

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Sunday, March 17th, 2002

Time:9:27 pm.
Mood: sad.
i've had the worst weekend of my life
friday i went to the doctor and they finally prescribed something. Zoloft. it's an anti-anxioty and anti-depression pill. i have to take one everyday. i hate it. turns out that that sunday that i almost fainted it was a panic attack. and that i could have another one.
i'm kinda scared but hopefully these pills help. i've been so sad lately.i hate school more than ever.my grades are going down cuz i haven't done my homework and i've given up on that someone. i'm not recognized so i've just given up on it. but oh well.
my sister is being a bitch with me and i need a job.
i want someone to hug me and just be here with me. but i'm alone. my headaches are more often, the doctor said i'm not going to notice the pills working until 3 weeks. ehhh! if only that someone noticed me. but i just have to deal with it. i really need someone
now what? i'm just going to sit in my room and wonder.:::sniff sniff:::
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Thursday, March 14th, 2002

Time:8:36 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
i hate it when people annoy me my mom and my stupid sis kept asking me if i was on the internet
today was a boring day. cept for in the morning jen-jen was making crank calls to random number on a pay phone, that was funny. yea plus freshman john said it was francis's idea to abandone me and nika yesterday. eh? it's ok. he's nice.
today was international day at my school. and people were walking in their pertty dresses. this chick in my english class is in chinese club and she was sick and her nose started bleeding and it got all over her dress. i felt bad for her.
tomorrow i have a doctors appointment, eeek!! i don't wanna go : (((( oh well
i've gotta maybe they'll finally find out that i'm psycho hehehe
i'm bored now and still pissed off cuz some people gots me angry
bye bye
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Wednesday, March 13th, 2002

Time:10:05 pm.
Mood: happy.
me doodilly day...
today in machine shop we got to turn on the machines,ooooo evelyn was number 2 hehehehehe and i was number 1 and we turned the machine on and off wee fun!
evelyn had to take off all her braslets cuz if she didn't the machine would eat her arm.
let see, i haven't done any geomety homework, i'm probably going to get my first F if i don't do some fucking homework.
in PE we did hard boring exercises but my teacher told us today that we weren't gonna be in the fitness room anymore hooray!!!!!! i'm still really sick and i keep coughing after the stupid excersizes ehhh! i feel like sooner or later i'm going to cough up blood
yea so today guitar club was cancelled : ( it's ok cuz evelyn and anna didn't go
anna was at home probably really sick, poor baby, and evelyn had to go to belding
so yea then i went to philosophy club and i saw jessica who's my super duper friend even though she's a freshie, she plays guitar like me hehe and then nika was there and she was sitting with me and telling me that her and ben broke up and i was sad and then freshman John came in with francis and asked nika if she wanted to go to Belmont and Clark and then nika invited me so we went outside and i called my overprotected dad and he said okie dokie but when me and nika when by the but station freshman john and francis abandoned us so me and nika were waiting for the bus but one never came so nika suggested going down Roscoe and we went to some kool stores and then we went to skyscrapers a store with lots-o-shoes . like porno star shoes. High heels and we were talking to the owner and asking him questions. and he had a wall of pics and i asked him if all those people bought shoes from him and he was like well yea except then he pointed out like 5 "girls" and said they were guys in drag and i was like "oh" i didn't know what to say. then i noticed a really big boot with a little pocket on the side of it where it had a whip. weird Porno Shoes!!! kool !!!!!
then me sis came and picks us up i had fun with nika
i'm gonna stop typin now
nightie night

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Sunday, March 10th, 2002

Time:10:13 pm.
Mood: sick.
my boring crappy day...
my mom forced me to go to church today. BORING i had to go cuz my little sis had open house. i had a cold so i felt shitty, and then during the mass i almost fainted. i was sitting next to this heater and everything suddenly started to get black. scary! just like the movies but this time i wasn't laughing. my older sis saw me and kinda caught me as i was going down. she took me to the bathroom and put water on my face and neck while i sat on the dirty floor trying to wake up. my body felt all numb. then when the mass was over my sis told my mom and she told my dad. he was mad cuz the doctors still haven't put me on MEDS
i'm glad cuz i don't like pills. oh well, if it makes me feel better NO HEADACHES!!! woo hoo
like that will ever happen.
well i have a fever now and my throat hurts like a bitch but here i am typing away when i could be sleeping.
mmmm! sleeeeep. i think that's what i'm gonna do
nightie night.........
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Friday, March 8th, 2002

Subject:why me?
Time:5:30 pm.
Mood: crappy.
my day...
i had to go a drafting competition today during school. it makes me a nerd but i missed school. i had to get this permission slip signed by all my teachers so they know where i will be and they have to agree. So, so far all my teachers signed it and then i get to my STUPID english teacher. i saw kevin go up to ask for the signature so i go too. then he starts lecturing us..
"why should i sign this if you don't even have your rough drafts?"
me> :::silent:::
"why should i sign this if you don't want to cooperated? where are your rought drafts?"
kevin> " i did a little but i left it at home cuz it's not enough for you to look at"
"where's yours julia?"
me> "i've only watched the movie"
"so why should i sign this?i not going to say no. i'm going to sign this but don't ever bring me another one of these because i won't sign it"...
so then i walk away and sit down. i hate when people are so stupid like he is. if he couldn't say no and he knew he was going to sign it why did he lecture me? what an idiot. i wanted to bite him! BASTARD

so today was the compition and i got out of school. i was in the bus and kevin sat next to me. we were chatting about our wierd dad's and stupid shit. the test was sooo hard and the drawing was ok, i lost, but i don't care. i got no school, free pizza and a movie of stars ( which i slept through) the funny thing was that kevin wasn't registered, his drafting teacher forgot to register him so he couldn't win. it was so funny cuz the whole way back he kept mentioning it. hehehe poor kid. then i walked home and ate EGGOS yum yum!! and i watch the movie evolution. and now i have the biggest headache in the universe. the stupid doctors are losers. that neurologist said to wait two more months and then we'll see if the headaches get better. IDIOT! i've had them for two years and he thinks all of a sudden they are going to get better? so yea i'm here writing like a dork maybe i'll write later...
bye bye

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Tuesday, March 5th, 2002

Time:5:17 pm.
Mood: okay.
today was a kinda bad day. i thought i left my keys at home. and i was mad because i need my keys to open my lockers. then when i was digging throught the rainforest in my bookbag THERE THEY ARE my KEYS!!! i was so happy. BUT, after 3rd period i wanted to open my locker, turns out i lost my keys right after i had found them, Sucks doesn't it? i didn't dress for gym. but my friend Evelyn didn't dress so me and her had fun talking about how everyone in PE did the exercises and how funny there asses looked. hehehehehehe

my little bro is sick, guess who got him sick? yes, me . i feel so awful cuz he vomitted yesterday and now he has a weird voice cuz he has a sor throat. he's 7 yrs.

So far though the day kinda sucked i'm still fellin ok.
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Monday, March 4th, 2002

Time:2:23 pm.
Mood: sick.
I finally got a live journal. woo-hoo!!! I'm bored but very sick. I have kleenexes everywhere. Later my sis is going to take me shopping. hooray. i was supposed to get my driver's license today but the DMV was closed. Darn! and i wanted the car by Wednesday GUITAR CLUB!!!
i hope i'm not sick tomorrow, i hate being sick and at school. oh well.
For now that's all i gotta say. 'bleh'

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LiveJournal for julia.

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